Psychic Development Evenings

Dates of next Psychic Development Evening’s:

Monday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th May 2019
7pm – 9pm

Held at the Lansdowne Hotel, King Edward’s Parade,
Eastbourne, BN21 4EE. Cost:  £10 per class.

Do you need some tips and pointers about your psychic or mediumistic unfoldment?

I have been teaching psychic and mediumship development for over 15 years and although I use the word teaching I feel it is more about sharing my knowledge and experience in helping you to navigate around the many different ways to explore and develop your own psychic and mediumship skills in a safe and grounded way.

Each one of you is unique and will work in an individual way, each one of you has your own strengths and weaknesses and sometimes it can be difficult to work out what these are when there are so many different ways of expanding your senses and connecting to Spirit.

So, whether you are just starting out on your psychic learning journey or have been working with your abilities for years – and feel that you need extra support, help with advancing your knowledge and understanding your experiences then I am here to help you understand your energy, sensitivity and develop your intuition (psychic ability) and be the best you can be.

Become the master of your psychic abilities

Explore and develop your own psychic and mediumship skills in a safe, grounded and nurturing environment.

During these psychic development evenings you will learn how to establish a connection with Spirit, receive information and guidance from the Spirit world, work with it and interpret it for the benefit and understanding of yourself and others.

We will also explore other techniques, such as learning to see the Aura and psychic protection, which will enable you to confidently develop your own natural psychic abilities. These psychic development evenings are suitable for both beginners and more advanced students.

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Date and venue of the next event is still being confirmed. Check back soon for updates. Dismiss