Lemon, Lavender & Clary Sage


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Beyond the Ordinary Natural Soy Wax Candles are made in the UK and are hand blended and hand poured in small batches. Using fragrances created with unique blends of pure essential oils which creates a truly luxurious, unique candle experience to relax and lift your mood as their soft scents diffuse throughout the room.

Our candles are made with cotton wicks which are clean, smoke free and do not put toxins into the air. We use 100% pure Essential Oils which have the same healing properties as the original plant since the oils are extracted directly from it.

Each candle comes in a stunning white glass container with a silver lid and are presented in a beautiful box with a clean white theme throughout making them the perfect gift.

Lemon cleanses and clarifies everything through focus, intensifying the awareness of all your senses helping you to feel uplifted and alive. When used in meditation it allows you to go deeper while at the same time enabling you to receive clarity, direction and guidance.

Lavender embodies the warmth and love of Mother Earth. It is caring, cherishing and nurturing and helps to lift sadness and depression. It encourages compassion, vitality, clarity and emotional balance.

Clary Sage teaches us to be satisfied with our achievements and brings the realization that most of our problems exist in our imagination. It encourages calmness, increases confidence and is revitalising and regenerating restoring balance into your life.

Additional information

Box Size

102H x 87W x 87D (mm)


Approx. 650g

Burn Time

Approx. 40 hours


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