Exhibitors – 28th July 2018

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Jackie Mannell

Medical Medium

Roundwood Rings

Hand crafted wares

Guy Taylor

Etheric Weaver Crystals
Pyramid Healing

Gifts from the Gods

Strange and spiritual wares

Seraphina Jewellery

Handmade Brazilian jewellery

Daniela Horder

Healing and Coaching Facilitator

Pranic Healing

Non-touch healing – Chakras

Sharon Evans

Crystals / gemstones

Helen Jones

Aura Photography
Chakra Imaging

Please note that it is the reader’s/exhibitor’s responsibility to attend agreed events. Beyond the Ordinary does not accept responsibility for any readers or exhibitors that fail to attend, nor any losses that may occur as a result of this.

Date and venue of the next event is still being confirmed. Check back soon for updates. Dismiss