Exhibitors – 27th April 2019

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Purple Vampire Jewellery

Unique Jewellery

Intuitive Holistic Healing


Beyond the Ordinary

Natural Soy Wax Candles

Robin Shell

Crystal Healing


Handmade silver jewellery

Helen Jones

Aura Photography
Chakra Imaging

Marek Lorys

Sukshma Marma Therapy

The Healing Connection

Reiki / Crystal Healing
Animal Healing

Tropic Skincare

Beauty Products

Butterfly Within

Bach Flower Remedies

Sabine Hope

DōTerra Essential Oils

Robert Bowley

Chinese Medicine

Please note that it is the reader’s/exhibitor’s responsibility to attend agreed events. Beyond the Ordinary does not accept responsibility for any readers or exhibitors that fail to attend, nor any losses that may occur as a result of this.

Date and venue of the next event is still being confirmed. Check back soon for updates. Dismiss