Beyond the Ordinary is a new and fresh Events Company promoting and supporting the world of Spirituality, Psychics, Mediums and alternative complementary healthcare throughout East Sussex.

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Our firmly rooted ethics are in building a reputation for quality, consistency and an atmosphere that is uplifting, vibrant, fun and welcoming to people from all walks of life.

Our Psychic, Mediumship and Well-being Events are organised to embrace and bring like-minded people together with various Demonstrations and Workshops – Entertaining Talks from tutors/speakers who share their experiences, wisdom, knowledge and talents.

Imagine having a fabulous day out with your best friend and making new friends, where everyone is focused on making sure you have the best possible experience. A day and/or evening full of fun, laughter and enlightenment with opportunities to nurture yourself, explore new ideas and get spiritually connected to the cosmos.

No matter where you are in your spiritual and cosmic evolution there will always be the opportunity to learn and explore with our specially selected group of Readers, Tutors, Therapists, and Exhibitors – helping you to demystify the myths, and educate you on just how unique and truly multi-sensory you are.

Discover Alternative Healing and Natural Therapies and have a one to one Reading with one of our many readers who are friendly, experienced and use their natural gifts including, mediumship, psychic and clairvoyance abilities, or tools including: tarot and angel cards etc. to hear from a loved one in spirit and receive messages/answers; peace of mind or both.

Join us for an amazing time filled with love, learning, inspiration and laughter!

There is nothing better than being in the presence of “like-minded people” – those who understand you because they also experience life similarly to you.

Are you ready to go Beyond the Ordinary?

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